Code of Ethics


How we work

To ensure full compliance and integrity of our organizational and management model, we refer to updated ethical principles that guide the development of business activities and the conduct of every person involved. Collecting our values in a Code of ethics means shaping these principles and declaring the brand identity strongly and distinctively. In this way our company can attract new talents and professionals, being a competent and responsible partner for customers, able to achieve ambitious goals in the medium and long term.


The key values of the document


Personal dignity

Transparency and honesty


Health, safety and environment


Addressees of the Code

The document is dedicated to corporate bodies, partners, employees, collaborators, agents and stakeholders linked to the company, to ensure that all parties involved operate with transparency and follow Meroni’s Code of ethics in pursuing their objectives.



The Code of ethics defines the business conduct criteria and the company’s set of rules, useful for managing the company efficiently. This tool aims to inspire and promote correct behaviors to successfully carry out business activities, identifying and preventing negative conduct promoting a positive working environment.


Main goals

Implementation of positive workplace behavior in business activities in accordance with national and international regulations.

Improvement of internal relations and the creation of a clear and coherent corporate image.

Abolition of opportunistic behavior and promotion of positive objectives among the maximum number of participants.

Definition of shared conduct standards inspired by a positive ethical view, involving top management, employees and collaborators.

Widespread dissemination and diffusion of Meroni’s values, so that all people who are part or collaborate with the company can conform to its principles.

Providing structures and processes with adequate decision-making and operational safety standards.


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Code of ethics


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Meroni is a family-owned company which, thanks to careful managerial management, becomes, in just a few decades of activity, a multinational with a solid positioning on a global scale.