Construction of dies

Construction of dies

From the idea to the finished product

A wide range of metal dies, studied and developed for the customers to meet their specific requirements. 

Inside Meroni F.lli we design and create the entire product line, using advanced software and employing highly qualified staff for the construction of equipment for both progressive and traditional cold-forming.


Certified to offer you the best

We custom design the products, to allow the customer maximum production flexibility in cold-forming sheet metal. All of our dies are certified according to international directives UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, proving our commitment to ensuring an efficient Company Management System.


Experts in stamping methodologies,
at your service

We are always ready to take part in new projects. Our productive division works in close collaboration with the customer to realize and test prototypes before proceeding to the tooling and starting mass production.

Progressive dies

We manufacture progressive dies that allow us to profile the product through different stages, but using a single die. This process includes cutting, drilling and bending carried out in successive stations.

Drawing dies

Drawing stamping is used to give a first shape to the workpiece, thanks to its ability to permanently deform the cold material. This process is done by a punch that pushes the sheet metal into a cavity.

Cutting dies

Meroni performs cutting dies: a particular cold plastic process that consists of shearing sheet metal placed between the punch and the cavity.

Bending dies

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of tools and bending dies, a process that shapes sheet metal according to the simulation study.


Calling for precision

Everyone works to give you the best solution, at every step of production. The whole process follows precise stages to ensure a high-quality range and maximize the service efficiency. Each step is scrupulously executed by our team of skilled technicians, covering your exigences from the project to the final product.


Engineering and feasibility

Design and prototyping



Die finishing

Testing and quality control



Work with us

Meroni is a family-owned company which, thanks to careful managerial management, becomes, in just a few decades of activity, a multinational with a solid positioning on a global scale.