Meroni’s commitment to the future

Like a tree, our company has solid roots that support us but is ever-evolving, striving for new projects and ideas. From this point of view, growth is an opportunity to look at tomorrow from a new perspective: a long-term vision, to rethink Meroni sustainably, while maintaining our pillars firmly anchored in the ground. Because today more than ever we are expected to play our part.


The key points of a collective and responsible approach


We promote our vision in a participative perspective, involving communities, suppliers and stakeholders in the creation of a more caring model.


Renewing is an essential part of improvement. That’s why we are always looking for new certifications, sustainable materials and innovative products.


We promote all-round attention working to create a sustainable and people-oriented working environment.

Sustainability goals

Together we promote change

The resources of our planet are limited. This is why our goal is to improve the environmental profile of our company by focusing on some fundamental aspects: the relationship with responsible suppliers, material selection, investments in low-impact processes and resource optimization. Meroni’s efforts to obtain ISO 14001 certification and follow ESG principles prove this commitment.


Our environmental conduct

We firmly believe that a change of course is not just an opportunity, but a necessity to achieve shared and long-lasting development for anyone’s benefit. This is why Meroni’s strategy is guided by four key aspects, which determine our conduct.


We invest in the latest technologies and optimize the resources used to improve Meroni’s environmental performance. The search for innovative solutions allows us to minimize pollution and make the process more sustainable.


Thanks to the automatic switch-off of the machinery and the LED lighting system, we have reduced the electricity demand of our departments. At the same time, the implementation of more efficient production systems allows us to effectively monitor consumption.


Recovery, recycling and disposal are crucial for Meroni. From the reuse of heat and water from production processes to the proper disposal of scraps and chemicals, we work to ensure proper waste management with an eye to final recycling.


We have reduced the production of industrial waste and replaced chemicals used in production processes with more sustainable alternatives. To minimize consumption and CO2 emissions, part of our electricity comes from clean energy and renewable sources.


Work with us

Meroni is a family-owned company which, thanks to careful managerial management, becomes, in just a few decades of activity, a multinational with a solid positioning on a global scale.