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Meroni F.lli is a family-run business that has been operating in the metalworking industry for more than 60 years, specializing in die design and construction, and cold-forming of sheet metal.

Since its origin, our business has been driven by a vision: to anticipate the requests of prestigious customers, guiding them in the development of solutions meant to fit their needs..

With this ambition, together with careful management of our internal resources, we meet the challenges of a highly competitive global market, establishing our leadership worldwide.


More than 60 years,
3 generations, one great story

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The company’s origin

In 1963 the brothers Gilindo and Mario Meroni started a small mechanical blanking workshop that within a few years became one of the best-known businesses in postwar Italy. After Gilindo’s death, his wife took charge of the company, which acquired important customers among small metal parts, motorcycling and lift producers.

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The second generation

During the 80s, the second generation of entrepreneurs entered the management of the company, with Maria Luisa (now president), Cristina and Milena. Under their leadership, the market opened to new sectors, from motorcycles and lifts to the fitness sphere, establishing the company among the world leaders in die-making.

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Towards a new expansion

At the beginning of the new millennium, Meroni F.lli experienced strong development, with the creation of additional production areas. In the same period, a new branch was founded in Bulgaria, expanding the services offered by the Italian plant and focusing on die stamping and assembly for important international car manufacturers.

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The renewing

The push towards digitalization guided the next phase of Meroni F.lli’s evolution. Laura, Andrea, Daniele, Mirco and Gianluca were involved in the strategic management and development of the company, making this process possible. This was the beginning of a general renewal plan, characterized by a change in the organizational structure through the engagement of local and international partners.

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In the name of quality and research

Inspired by the values of technology, training and people enhancement, the Meroni family has brought its search for excellence to the present day. The investment in innovative, reliable and safe machines and the constant specialization of its staff have thus led to important results and recognition, proving the quality of Meroni’s products and spreading their prestige.



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Our Branches

Today Meroni F.lli is organized into five plants in the province of Lecco and has a Research and Development center in the Rovereto area, where engineering, design, stamping and product manufacturing take place. In addition to these activities, the company is supported by the plant in Bulgary, guaranteeing a complete production cycle of higher quality for the local and international customers of the metalworking industry.

Meroni S.r.l.

Via Alessandro Volta 18, 23843
Dolzago (LC) – Italy


Via Fermi 5, 23843
Dolzago (LC) – Italy

MBM Metalwork LTD Bulgaria

ul. “Industrialen Park” 2, 7009
Ruse – Bulgary

Centro Ricerca & Sviluppo

Polo Meccatronica Trentino
Via Fortunato Zeni 8, 38068
Rovereto (TN) – Italy

Mytech: technology for dreamers

Born out of Meroni’s passion and research, Mytech is a brand that produces luggage and accessories for motorcycles. Thanks to the high level of innovation and its 100% made-in-Italy design, over time this company has become a point of reference in the motorbike sector, putting its technology at the service of dreamers and mototourists.


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Meroni is a family-owned company which, thanks to careful managerial management, becomes, in just a few decades of activity, a multinational with a solid positioning on a global scale.