Productive technologies

Productive technologies

Attention to detail
to make the difference

Meroni F.lli makes available specific processes for aluminum, steel and iron, offering cutting-edge technologies designed to better meet customers’ needs.

Every component is produced in accordance with the characteristics of the raw materials and the final design, following an integrated process from development to the final assembly.

These production technologies are a key strength of our company, making it able to guarantee a long experience in die manufacturing.

Productive technologies

Meroni’s technologies

Design and construction of dies

Development of progressive, deep draw, blanking and bending dies.

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal machining is available for aluminum, iron and steel.

Tooling design and building

Prototype development before tooling building and assembly production.

Automated welding

Automated MIG-MAG welding operations.

Manual welding

Manual MIG-MAG or TIG welding operations.

Laser cutting

KW 2000 fiber laser cutting machine with automatic loading.

Metal blanking

Production of mechanical, double-column, or hydraulic presses, to guarantee the most suitable result for every product.

Sheet metal bending

Cutting-edge machinery for superior bending operations.

Cold sheet metal stamping

Department with machinery from 40 to 400 tons for the manufacturing of different metals and thicknesses.

Metal parts assembly

Assembly and finishing of the metal components and parts produced by the company, with additional machinery aimed at meeting the industry’s needs.

Sheet metal welding

Mechanical, double-column, or hydraulic presses for high-quality and efficient operations with blanking, bending, progressive and welding stamping dies.


The key to innovation and progress

Commitment to technological development, the integration of advanced machinery and the attention to our human capital are part of the Meroni F.lli philosophy and guide our vision.

By combining our production capacity and management system, we face the requests of the sector with flexibility, dynamism and quality. All this with one goal: deliver solutions in shorter times, according to the characteristics requested for customers’ applications.

Human resources

People add value to every project

Meroni F.lli is more than a company. We are a group of passionate and experienced people, who have a long knowledge of the engineering sector. The know-how, skills and visions of our group allow us to grow year after year: we want to support them through initiatives, projects and a motivating working environment.


Everything you need for your process

Our machinery is one of the most strategic aspects of our company, so we continuously update and enrich it through investments and the careful management of our resources. This department makes our company one of the top partners for the innovation of sheet metal welding and fabrication, with a particular emphasis on all the phases of the process.


Work with us

Meroni is a family-owned company which, thanks to careful managerial management, becomes, in just a few decades of activity, a multinational with a solid positioning on a global scale.